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good news

For one month SAW II was available and it had been download more than 500 times. We have already the walkthrough, that you will be able to download into the section of downloads


In August of 2006 SAW I it saw the light, but not it film, but videogame. A graphical adventure in 320*200 that continues he himself script of the SAW.Once film months later SAW II side the light. A new surprise graphical adventure that to all. This time SAW II not this influenced by the film, is a new original script. But not only that, everything has changed from August of the 2006, the argument, the animations, the bottoms, the resolution, the personages… It has been a hard work of more than ten months, that had not been finished without the aid of the collaborators who have participated in the game. Are you going it to lose?
Single it is necessary to say a thing: